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👑Crown Guild-


Patch 1.0.1 (6.20.2020)

change flask duration from 10 mins to 30 mins
party skill and party exp can now be use together
added scroll of acquisition (low) on roulette
increase heal from 30 to 50
added party finder to button "v"
added link item use "ctrl+click" to link item

reduce heart of keokuk to 100pcs
reduce kheldor's helm to 50pcs
reduce general razgul's horn to 100pc
reduce ankou's scale to 50pcs
reduce brilliant oversized heart to 70 pcs
reduce strange fruit to 100pcs

@yugi mutou
reduce 200pcs fire card (b) to 100pcs fire card (b)
reduce 200pcs water card (b) to 100pcs water card (b)
reduce 200pcs wind card (b) to 100pcs wind card (b)
reduce 200pcs land card (b) to 100pcs land card (b)
reduce 200pcs electric card (b) to 100pcs electric card (b)

@ jewel manager
add stam ring +3
add exchanger
10pcs sunstone + 10pcs moonstone = 2 shining oricalkum
100 pcs sunstone + 100 pcs moonstone = 20 shining oricalkum
1000 pcs sunstone + 1000 pcs moonstone = 200 shining oricalkum
2000 pcs sunstone + 2000 pcs moonstone = 400 shining oricalkum

fix rate where drops are mostly sword or helmet
all madrigal giants
[queen of thorns] entaness
[vile of thorns] entaness
[terror] king chiton
[abyssal terror] king chiton
red meteonyker
drakul the diabolic
dread drakul the diabolic
[deathbringer] kheldor
[god of death] ankou
[god of wrath] kalgas

add big blue honey to the following monster
small mothbee
captain mothbee
small flbyrigen
captain flbyrigen
small rockepeller
captain rockepeller

added vip prems (on progress)
minimized disconnection issues(on progress)
more vp dp items (on progress)

Posted: 06.21.2020, 02:15 Hours

Patch 1.0.0 (6.17.2020)

-Change Manual Added Skill Point to Auto Max Skill
-Disable Flaris Farming Area

-Added VIP Prems (On Progress)
-Minimized Disconnection Issues(On Progress)
-More VP,DP items (On Progress)

Posted: 06.19.2020, 03:44 Hours



Posted: 06.18.2020, 15:59 Hours


Nite Flyff is a free to play V19 (Gold Theme) Low to Mid rate Server that offers awesome content and exciting features with a touch of Old School Classic Flyff , a farm to win server
with balance and fair gameplay. All items can be acquired ingame .We also aim to be one of the most active FFA/GS systems out there in addition to fair PVE System. What are you waiting for? Start you adventure now and be part of our friendly community.

Posted: 08.06.2020, 18:20 Hours